TEMATYS (www.tematys.com) is an independent SME dedicated to studies, strategy and outsourced commercialization in Optics, Photonics, Sensors, Imaging, Lighting, materials engineering and their application markets. The company has developed a special expertise in R&D valorisation, marketing and commercialization of emerging technologies coming from Research Organizations, but also from private industrial groups, SME and start-ups.

More than 180 clients in 18 countries.

Examples of studies:

  • Super resolution microscopy, time resolved, low costs advanced microscopy studies: Bioaxial, ESPCI, Aurea Technologies, CEA, University of Lyon…
  • Studies on Biosensors SPR, SERS, Terahertz (Institut Fresnel, UTT, NovumWaves)
  • Imagerie and sensing in the UV (Microscopy, Fluorescence) (GPPMM, XLIM)
  • Sourcing study for phenotyping by optical method
  • CNRS : strategy and business plan of several academic platforms in the field of fundamental biology and pharmacology
  • Market report on biophotonic technologies and many articles in the press

RUBY has no role in this WP.

RUBYnanomed will be involved in WP4

RUBYnanomed will be involved in WP4

RUBYnanomed will be involved in WP4

RUBY has no role in this WP.

List of clients:

AIR LIQUIDE – Amplitude systèmes – AZBIL Corp. (JP) – BAUMER Optronic GmbH – CANON (JP) –CILAS – COHERENT, Inc. (US) – DIEHL Group (DE) – Emerson/Cascade (UK) – ESSILOR – Groupe MAQUET – HORIBA Jobin Yvon – INFINEON Technologies (DE) – LEICA Microsystems (DE) – NIKON Corp. (JP) – OSRAM (DE) – QUANTEL – Robert BOSCH (DE) – SAFRAN/Sagem – SEIKO/Epson (JP) – SCHOTT (DE) – SCREEN Holging (JP) – SIEMENS (DE) – SONY Corp. (JP) – SORIN Group – Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (JP) – Teledyne Dalsa (CA) – THALES – TOPPAN Photomasks Inc. – TOSHIBA Corp (JP) – TOYO Corp. (JP) – VALEO

Related projects and publications :

Tematys is involved in 4 H2020 projects including 1 FET OPEN and 1 FET OPEN Launchpad: MIRPHAB (Pilot line) MIR-BOSE (FET-OPEN), MULTIPLE, NANOXIM (FET Launchpad).


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