BIOCELLPHE goes to SPIE Photonics Europe, Strasbourg, France, 6th April 2022!

BIOCELLPHE was recently @SPIE Photonics Europe in Strasbourg, France, 6th April 2022. Alexandre Chícharo, from INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory presented a poster titled ‘Combination of nanolithography and wet chemistry for the fabrication of an ultrasensitive SERS nanostars array applied to cancer metabolite detection’.#spiephotonicseurope #sers #photonics Find out more here….!

BIOCELLPHE’s Webpage and Social Media Launch

BIOCELLPHE provides frontier scientific and technological advancements to generate a breakthrough technology realizing the identification of proteins (i.e. phenotyping) as diagnostic biomarkers at single-cell level with unmatched sensitivity, multiplexing capabilities and portability. Follow us:Webpage: www.biocellphe.euLinkedIn Showcase: #biocellphe #h2020 #europeanprojects #ramanspectroscopy #sers

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