Poster at Symposium on Synthetic and Systems Biology, Paris, France, 12-14 September

Hadi JBARA of INRAEBIOCELLPHE, will be presenting a poster titled ‘Engineered E.coli to produce Raman Reporters (RaRs) that can be detected by Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)’ at the Symposium on Synthetic and Systems Biology event on #syntheticbiology #systemsbiology , on 12-14th September, 2022, Paris, France.


A critical milestone in BIOCELLPHE isthe selection of SERS-active molecules acting as reporters (i.e. Raman reporters, RaRs). Three criteria were applied in order to select appropriate RaRs: (i) High SERS activity, (ii) unambiguous identification in mixtures, and (ii) their biosynthetic pathways must be expressed and optimized in E. coli.
To this aim, a shortlisting of RaRs was obtained out by running machine learning programs trained on literature data, and by the implementation of retrosynthesis software to assess the engineering and optimization of their biosynthesis in E. coli. The SERS activity of potential candidates identified was evaluated. Additionally, in order to realize unambiguous identification of the selected metabolites, a multivariate statistical analysis of the spectral data generated for each particular candidate was implemented.
We identified four SERS-active bacterial metabolites, namely Prodeoxyviolacein, deoxyviolacein, Violacein, and pyocyanin that can potentially be used as RaRs as they meet all the above requirements. We are currently evaluating whether a fifth one (proviolacein) can also be used as a RaR.

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